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Today is the day of new covers Gone series. Look at those new covers! :o :O :o


Today is the day of new covers Gone series. Look at those new covers! :o :O :o

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Anonymous said,
"Is there a television series yet?"

No, not yet. There haven’t been any news recently.

I think I tag all news with /tagged/news, so when we get more news I will let you all know :)

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eeylopss said,
"can you suggest any gone blogs?! desperate to find more to follow! so many aren't active it's very frustrating :c xxx"

I don’t really know anymore, because it’s true, so many are unactive

So I’m just gonna tag this with gone series and say like/reblog this post if you’re a gone blog, so you can check out the people that (hopefully) likes and/or reblog this! :D

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On April 2nd, 2013, LIGHT, the final book in the GONE series, was published.

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New covers!

Much better in my opinion. 

So excited for Messenger of Fear

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Look what I have. Copies of the new re-covered GONE series and an ARC for MESSENGER OF FEAR.

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holding hands while the world comes tumbling down + listen

"The bad girl ends up with the bad boy. It’s the way the world works. Especially this world."

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Everyday I try to be
Smart like Astrid (Annasophia Robb)- Astrid is pretty damn smart. They call her “Astrid the Genius” for a reason. Who’s the one who figured out that the animals were mutating? Her! She figured everything out!
Independent like Lana (Caitlin Stasey)- Ok Lana is very independent. She lives on her own, besides Patrick. When the darkness was in her mind she went through it ALONE!
Proud like Dekka (Jessica Sula)- ok, so Dekka is a lot of things that are discriminated against. She’s black, she’s a lesbian, she’s a freak (person w/ powers). But, does she hid it? HELL NO!! She’s proud that she’s black. She stares at the girl she likes. She uses her powers whenever nessicary. That’s why she’s a hero of the FAYZ! #teamDekkaftw
Willing like Brianna (Brooklyn Prolux)- let’s start with the fact that Brianna is 12 and is the most badass character in the books. She takes Sam’s orders, and saves the day. She’ll do pretty much anything, like have a bullet chase her to see what’s faster
Powerful like Diana (Cristine Prosperi)- Where do I begin with Diana? Well, she’ll do pretty much anything to get her side to win. Yes, she’s not on team good, she willfully works for team evil. But, she’s sneaky and pursavive. I actually really love Diana!
Selfless like Mary (Liana Liberato)- obviously Mary is selfless. She stepped up to take care if the children who couldn’t take care of herself. Also let’s not forget that in Hunger she wouldn’t eat because she knew she’d throw it up and she would’ve wasted perfectly good food that the children should be eating. Yes, that was extremely stupid, but extremely selfless

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Oh my Grant. I love the new cover for Gone. What is the better?

Oh my Grant. I love the new cover for Gone. What is the better?